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Would you like a few cute photos of your sweet baby, but aren't able to get out of the house & in to see a newborn photographer? 
I created this simple video in hopes that it would help you to take a few cute, timeless, pictures of your sweet one. 
Follow along, shoot with whatever camera you have, edit if you'd like & share with the the world. 
Babies change so much after the first couple weeks of life - don't miss capturing the cuteness!

In this video I shoot in "auto" mode so that everyone can follow along.  If you know how to shoot in manual, please do so.  I wanted to keep it basic so anyone can use this video.
Do you want your photos edited, but not sure how to edit?  I offer editing services for parents, simply scroll down the page to the editing services section for more details. 


FREE DIY In Home NewBorn pose

Would you like to capture photos of your sweet newborn in the comfort of your own home. 
Purchase this DIY Newborn Course and I will guide you through 5 unique poses:
Pose 1 - Baby in a Basket
Pose 2 - Baby in a Fluffy Blanket
Pose 3 - Baby with Sibling(s)
Pose 4 - Baby Tucked-In
Pose 5 - Baby in Parents Hands
I will also give you tips & tricks that I've learned over the years to help make your DIY session a success.
The course is go at your own pace, so you have flexibility. 
Click on the button below to learn more and to sign up for this course.   




I offer photo editing services to parents for newborn photos only. 
If you have taken photos of your newborn but aren't sure how to remove blemishes, even skin tone, fix background, etc. I can help!

My editing services includes editing skin, blemishes, baby acne, flaky skin, softening skin, evening skin tone, fixing/editing background, and fixing color of the photo.

Photos can be sent in JPG, TIF or PSD format. They will be returned to you in the same format, along with Final JPG's of the editing photos in color & black and white. 

Average turn around time is 1 week after I receive the images.

For more information or to get started, click on the link below and shoot me an email.

editing services for parents

Newborn photography mentoring



I offer two options for newborn mentoring - virtual or in-person. Both options can be tailored to the specific posing you are working on. 

Virtual mentoring is done via Zoom.  This is a great option if you are struggling with a particular pose or two and need someone to watch you work and offer feedback, tweaking, etc. 

In-person mentoring can be done in your studio or at my studio.  It can be tailored to your specific needs or I offer full day mentoring package where you will learn everything from posing (both watching & hands on), business, editing, client communication, etc.  

For more information, click on the button below to shoot me an email!

*Mentoring is offered to those living 60 miles from Minneapolis, MN
*Travel fee required for in-person mentoring at your studio

Virtual mentoring via Zoom - $75/hour

In-person mentoring - $100/hour or $750/day (8 hours total)

$5 per image - minimum of 5 images need to be sent for editing

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